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General Statement of Policy

The management and all who work at Nordcell LTD are committed to good environmental performance and the use of timber from sustainable sources.

We are establishing and following rigorous chain of custody systems, enabling our products, where appropriate, to be sold with PEFC certification and labelling as required.

These systems cover;

  • The assessment of our certified suppliers and on-going validation checks

  • Ordering procedures and the purchasing of PEFC certified material as required

  • The control of ordered material through goods inwards inspection and stock holding

  • Traceability of products through delivery and invoicing documentation

  • The examination of potential flaws our systems, with appropriate corrective procedures

  • The training of personnel who could affect the PEFC process

  • The auditing of the system to ensure that they are fit for purpose and are followed


Management and staff at Nordcell LTD are committed to comply with social, health, and safety requirements defined in PEFC standard ST 2002:2010 (app 4 section 2).

As well as sourcing from within the European Union where laws enshrine the rights of workers we make regular visits to our suppliers and any practices that appear contrary to the standard will be acted upon. These standards include that

  • workers are not prevented from associating freely, choosing their representatives, and bargaining collectively with their employer

  • Forced labour is not used

  • Workers, who are under the minimum legal age of 15, or the compulsory school attendance age, whichever is higher are not used

  • Workers are not denied equal employment opportunities and treatment

  • Working conditions do not endanger safety or health

Our PEFC certification is subject to an annual audit by an independent body.

Updated January 2019

Nordcell PEFC Certificate of Registration


At Nordcell we are proud to be a PEFC member and hold full certification. PEFC is an internationally recognised brand devoted to ensuring that forests are managed according to environmental, social and economic criteria.

Nordcell's online entry in the PEFC database can be viewed by clicking certificate image below.

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