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The Best Walnut Panels And Beech Panels In The UK

The Nordcell range of walnut panels and beech panels are manufactured using the highest quality timber available. The manufacturing process utilises as much of the walnut and beech trees as possible to minimise waste, whilst delivering the best product available without compromising on quality. This ensures you receive the highest quality product for your joinery and woodworking project needs.

All our panels are suitable for use in a variety of architectural, woodwork and joinery production processes right across the world. Our beech and walnut panels are supplied individually wrapped to ensure the correct moisture levels are maintained, as well as to provide protection during transit.

We stock a number of panel sizes to choose from which are ideal for any large or small joinery projects. For more information about our available lengths and size options, please contact us.

Here at Nordcell we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service to all of our valuable clients. For more information about our walnut and beech timber panels or about the manufacturing process, please contact our Nordcell team today. We are happy to answer any questions or enquires you may have about our beech and walnut panel range to help you make an informed decision for your future furniture production needs.